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Do you like to write about your motorcycle trips or motorcycle related topic? If so, please send us your story and we'll publish it for you on our website where everyone can read it. The only thing that we stress is the artical must be related to motorcycles and please try to minimize the amount of profanity used. If you have already writen an artical and have it on another website, please advise us of the address and we'll link to it.

The following stories are written by a friend who is an officer in the U.S.Army and stationed in Europe. He loves to write about his trips throughout Europe and he is nice enough to put them up on the web to all to read. Click here to read some great motorcycle touring of Europe.


Jeff's Trips

His current trip
The U.K. to Istanbul 2007

Jeff's Swiss Adventures
Nova Scotia

Artic Circle
Balkins Tour (June 2000)
Nordkapp & Russia (June 2000)
Newfoundland (1998)

United Kingdom & Ireland
European Alps Adventure
J. Munn