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This page includes some of the runs that we have done over the years. These rides have all received great compliments.  When possible, we will list new rides.

(Please note that roads were open during these rides and conditions can change at any time.  Enjoy.)

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Our Canal Ride is a great backroad route with the canal along your side for a long portion of the trip.  This ride does use some narrow roads, so please  drive with caution. We're sure you'll use this ride  again and again. There are many variations you can do once you leave the canal. It leaves you close to some great country riding. This is a good cool trip on a  hot summer day, plenty of trees and cool breeze blowing off of the canal.

Take Canal Road (#623) in South Bound Brook  to Weston Canal Road. Make your right onto
Weston Canal Road and continue along the canal.. The road will take a sharp turn to the right and leave  the canal. Stay on this road to your next right which will be Metlars Road. Make the right onto Metlers  and follow that to Amwell Road. Make a right onto  Amwell Road and follow that down the road a  little bit to the firehouse on right. Make a left turn  across from the firehouse onto Market Street. Take  that to the end and make a right onto Canal Road.  Follow Canal Road to Griggstown and make a right onto route #632. Take this over the river and make
a right onto River Road. Follow River Road up to Amwell Road and make a right onto Amwell
Road. Take Amwell Road to Elizabeth Avenue and make a left turn. Follow Elizabeth Ave to the end. You are back to your starting point in South Bound Brook.  (NJMCE)


Take Route 514 (Amwell Road) in Franklin, Somerset County, or Hillsborough to Route 179 South in the Ringoes section of East Amwell to Route 602 East to Route 609 North back to Route 514. Approximately 138 miles.(Courier News)


Take Route 206 South through Hammonton to Route 54 in Buena Vista to Route 557 to Route 50 back onto Route 557 in Tuckahoe to Route 47 in North Dennis to Route 9, all roads heading South. Continue on Route 9 to Wildwood and further into Cape May. Approximately 200 miles.
(Courier News)


Route 32 North to Route 46 West to Route 519 North through Hope. Continue on Route 519 for 35 miles to Route 23 North to High Point State Park in Sussex County.
For the return trip, continue on Route 23 North, then take Route 521 South along the Delaware River into Hope to Route 46 East to Route 31 South or Route 206 South.    Approximately 120 miles. (Courier News)


This is a difficult ride to remember, we suggest you use a map and highlight the trip. There is some great scenery, water fall, ravines, hairpin turns, and just some nice country. Most roads are low traffic roads which makes this a nice trip.

Take Route 22 to Morning Glory Road in Middlesex. Take Morning Glory Road headed up the mountain and make your first left onto Middlebrook Road. Follow this to stop sign at
Voseller Ave. Make a right turn onto Vosseller and go for 1/2M to Gilbride Street where you will make a left. Follow Gilbride Street through the revine and to the stop sign at Chimney Rock
Road. Make a right onto Chimney Rock Road. At your first traffic light make a right turn onto Washington Valley Road and travel for 1-1/4 miles to your next left, Dock Hollow Road.
Follow this road to the stop sign at Mount Horeb Road and go straight across onto Round Top Road. Follow to the stop sign at Mountainview Road where you will make a left turn. Make your
first left turn onto Dead River Run. Dead River Run turns into Acken Road. Follow until you reach Valley Road stop sign. Make a left turn onto Valley Road. When you come to the traffic
light, you will be going straight through the light (on green).Travel for about 1/2 mile to Church Street where you will be making a left turn. Follow this until you reach 202. Make a right onto route 202. Travel for 1 mile to Lake Road. Make the left onto Lake Road. Carefully follow Lake Road up around the hidden lake until you come to the stop sign at Cambell Road. Make a right
turn onto Cambell Road. Travel for 1-1/2 miles to Clark Road on your left. When you come to the stop sign make a fast left and right onto Roebling Road. Travel down Roebling Road and
keep left as the road seems to split a couple time. Eventually Roebling Road turns into Mount Harmony Road. Be careful on this road as there are a couple real tight turns (hairpin). Follow to
stop sign at Mine Brook Road where you will make a right turn and then your first left onto Meeker Road. At the stop sign make a left onto Whitenack Road. Follow for 1/2 mile to your left turn onto Annin Road. At your next stop sign, make a left onto Old Mine Brook Road. Follow this to the end and at the stop sign make a left onto Liberty Corners Road and take your first left
over route 78. You will be making your first left onto MountainRoad. Mountain road splits without any notice, you want to make a right turn onto Long Road. Follow Long Road to the
stop sign at Washington Valley Road where you will make a left turn. Follow this to Chimney Rock Road traffic light and make a right. Follow past the park on your left and make your first left onto Gilbride Road and back through the ravine. At the stop sign make a right onto Vosseller Ave. Follow past the 90 degree turn and down the hill for 1/8 mile to your left onto Middlebrook or Cedar Crest (both go to same spot). At the stop sign make a right and you are back at route 22 where you started. 
This ride won best backroads ride for Central New Jersey.


Take Route 29 North from Trenton to Frenchtown and cross the Delaware River. Continue along Route 32 North through Easton to the Delaware Water Gap. Take Route 80 East back into New Jersey to Route 46 East, Then Route 31 South to Route 206 South. Approximately 180 miles.
(Courier News)


Reservation Tour
Great ride through the twisties going to Watchung Reservation.

Take Route 22 to Washington Rock exit in Green Brook. Head on up the mountain to the top of Washington Rock.Continue on Washington Rock Road until you come to the stop sign at Washington Valley Road. Make a right turn and follow Washington Valley Road. If you stay on this road you will eventually end up in the Reservation. Once you enter the area of Watchung Reservation the road takes on a totally new character. It becomes a road of hairpin turns and snakes up the mountain to the traffic circle at the top. When you get to the circle, follow it 3/4 around and make your right into the park. Keep right in your ride through the park and continue back into the wooded section again, down the hill and past the lake. Follow to the stop sign where you will make a left turn. Follow This road to the stop sign and make a right. You are now back on  Washington Valley Road headed back. Take back to Washington Rock Road or make any major left to take you back to route 22.(NJMCE)


(This ride has not been verified, scheduled for 2005)

This ride sounds more difficult than it really is.  Many of the roads change names but you don’t really turn.  You can start this ride from any of the roads listed.

The ride begins on Route 22 in Bridgewater.  Headed west on 22 we take a right turn for Morning Glory Road.  When we get to the end of the ramp you will be making a left turn headed up the mountain.  We will be making our first right turn onto Middlebrook Road.

Follow Middlebrook Road to the end at Vosseller Avenue.  Be careful as Middlebrook come to a stop sign on a curve downhill and isn’t easy to see it coming.  At the stop sign, make a right turn onto Vosseller Avenue. Follow up the road about 3/4 of a mile and make a left turn onto Gilbride Road.  This is a nice road the winds and crosses a nice stream.  Stay on this road until you come to the stop sign.  At the stop sign make a right turn onto Chimney Rock Road.  Take this to the traffic light 1/2 mile up the road.  Make a left turn onto Washington Valley Road.  A little less than a 1/2 mile you will stay to your right onto Mount Horeb Road.  Mount Horeb Road turns into Liberty Corners Road and then Martinsville Road and lastly Valle Road before you make a left onto Church Street. This total section from Mount Horeb to Church is in the area of 5.5 miles.  Church Street turns in Liberty Corner Road and then it turns into Far Hills Road.  This section is about 4 miles.  Far Hills Road ends at Mine Brook Road (Rt. 202). Make a right turn onto Mine Brook Road.  Follow Mine Brook for about a mile and look to your left for Lake Road.  Make your left onto Lake Road. Be careful on Lake Road as the road splits in spots with each lane handling a different direction of traffic.  Fortunately the road is not often traveled.  You will come to the lake and travel along the lake for about a mile, but will continue past the lake and take Campbell Road on your right. Stay on Campbell for about a mile and make a right turn onto Peachcroft Drive. At the end of Peachcroft make a right onto Clark Road and another right onto Roebling Road.  When traveling down Roebling stay right as the road appears to split on you and turns into Mount Harmony Road. This section is about 1-3/4 miles.    At the stop sign make a right onto Mind Brook Road and then your first left onto Meeker Road.  Meeker is about 1-1/4 miles and will end at Whitenack Road.  Make a left turn onto Whitenack. Stay on Whitenack until you end at Mount Airy Road, you’ll be making a right turn onto Mount Airy. After about 1.3 miles you will come to Lyons Road.  You will be making a left onto Lyons Road.  Stay to your right on Lyons as you want to take S. Finley Avenue which is to your right about 1.5 miles after getting onto Lyons Road.  This then turns into Stonehouse Road, Valley Road, King George Road, Mount Bethel Road, and finally Warrenville Road which brings you down to Route 22 in Green Brook.

I would advise you to look at a map prior to taking the ride.  The tricky part is after you past the lake.


(62 MILES)

Stop and grab a bite and then take this ride!

Starts at Andiamo Restaurant, 23 Hardenburgh Avenue, Haworth, New Jersey
 Right onto Knickerbocker Rd to Grant Avenue. 
 Left onto Grant Ave, and continue onto Hillside Avenue (Cresskill). 
 Hillside Avenue to Route 9W. 
 Left on Route 9W to the entrance for Palisades Interstate Parkway North at Exit 4. 
 Left on to Palisades Parkway North to Exit 15 (Stony Point) 
 Palisades Parkway South to Exit 8E (Route 59 East). 
 Route 59 East to Route 9W South (4 miles). 
 Route 9W South to Closter Dock Road. 
 Right on Closter Dock Road. 
 Closter Dock Road to Demarest Avenue. 
Left on Demarest Avenue. 
 Demarest Avenue to Durie Avenue. 
 Left on Durie Avenue. 
 Durie Avenue to Schralenburgh Road. 
 Left on Schralenburgh Road. 
 Schralenburgh Road to Hardenburgh Avenue. 
 Left on Hardenburgh Avenue to Andiamo. 

From Greg in Somerspoint.  Great ride one end to the other, twisty roads most of the way, hidden lakes & rivers.

Head southwest on New Rd toward Bethel Rd 1.9 mi
Turn right onto Somers Point - Mays Landing Rd 6.0 m
Turn left onto Atlantic 615/?Zion Rd 410 ft
Continue onto Somers Point - Mays Landing Rd 7.1 mi
Continue onto River Rd 0.1 mi
Slight right onto Main St 0.3 mi
Turn right onto NJ-50 N/?Cape May Ave/?Rte 50 6.9 mi
Continue onto Philadelphia Ave 2.6 mi
Continue onto Egg Harbor-Green Bank Rd 0.4 mi
Continue onto County Rd 563/?Philadelphia Ave/?State Route 563 0.7 mi
Continue onto Buffalo Ave 0.7 mi
Continue onto Egg Harbor-Green Bank Rd 0.9 mi
Continue onto County Rd 563/?Pleasant Mills Rd 1.0 m
Keep right at the fork
Turn left onto Nesco Rd 3.7 mi
Turn right onto Columbia Rd 2.7 mi
Slight right onto S Myrtle St 0.2 mi
Continue onto Middle Rd 1.3 mi
Slight right onto US-206 N/?Trenton Rd 5.7 mi
Continue to follow US-206 N
To Pic-A-Lilly, Shamong

you have a ride that you want to list and be given credit for, please email us your route and we'll be more than happy to post it.